Independant Order of Odd Fellows

July 2010

CA #1 Goes Shopping

California Lodge #1 members Jenny and Armand Dadoun, Terry Gianninni, Kat Scarbosio, Ralph and Rafael Huerta, and George Guerra went grocery shopping for the Boys and Girls Club. The Lodge voted to not only donate money to the Boys and Girls Club but to do the shopping too! The goal was to buy healthy snacks for the hundreds of children who spend many hours in the summer at the club.

The need was there as many of these children do not have a heathy lunch to eat during the day and often have to go without food most of the day. The Boys and Girls Club do the best they can but, as is the case with many charitable organizations, donations are down lately. Tough economic times have hurt the Club as well as the families that the Club serves.

That need was noticed by CA 1's 2010 Charity Commitee Chairman, Terry Gianninni and long time Boys and Girls Club supporters, Armand and Jenny Dadoun. The Lodge responded by donating money to purchase food and by forming a team to do the shopping and delivery to the Boys and Girls Club.






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